We are more than just investors, we are hands-on partners in your success

A Global Portfolio

Since 2006, we have invested in more than 150 startups and helped to build their businesses in the US, Japan, Europe, India, Israel, and Southeast Asia.

Entrepreneur United in A Half Century

In 1960, Recruit Group was launched from a prefabricated unit on the rooftop of a building in Tokyo. It started as a magazine business that was launched to address the needs of two specific groups: companies looking for people to recruit and students looking for jobs.
Today, we provide more than 200 services and offer solutions in a wide range of industries, including HR, real estate, education, automotive, weddings, restaurant, beauty, and travel.

Follow Your Heart

We envision a world where individuals and businesses can focus on what really matters. The more people are free to pursue their passions, the better our future will become.

An Early Stage Investor

We invest early in startups that have disruptive ideas and technologies. Our six decades of experience — the challenges we’ve faced and lessons learned — will contribute to your future success.

Your Ticket to Japan

From our position at the center of Japan’s ecosystem — and with our own extensive resources — we help startups break into the Japan market. We can lead you through each stage of the process: planning, testing, entry, and growth.

Why Entrepreneurs Choose Us

Founders Network

Looking to solve a problem? It makes a huge difference when you can interact with other founders working through the same challenges. We can get you plugged in.

Business Experts

Want to learn from a specialist? We have access to numerous experts in a variety of fields, such as marketing, sales, and law. We are a source of expertise.

Extensive Connections

Need an introduction to a potential customer? Hoping for early access to a new platform feature? We have an unparalelled number of connections to help you move your business forward. We can get you connected.

Comprehensive Advice

What do you need to know? We offer more than 200 services in different verticals. We are fully equipped to guide you through today’s business landscape and make sure you don’t make the same mistakes others have. We have answers.

Hands-on Support

How can we help? We are ready to work with you on your growth, metrics, business and product strategy, and even investor pitches. We know what we’re doing.

Capital Support

What do you need to take the next step? Not only will working with a strategic investor bring you both financial and business development value, it will validate your business.