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About Recruit Strategic Partners

Recruit Strategic Partners, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Recruit in Japan, is a Silicon Valley-based venture capital firm investing in innovative startups from all around the U.S. We offer industry knowledge and expertise to our entrepreneurs and support them launch their IT businesses in the Japanese market.

As an integral part of Recruit's global investment business, Recruit Strategic Partners co-invests with leading venture capital firms in the U.S., and also works closely with Recruit's other venture capital firms in Asia - Recruit Incubation Partners and Recruit Global Incubation Partners.

Recruit Strategic Partners focuses in bringing innovation from the U.S. to the Japanese market, while Recruit Incubation Partners manages Recruit's investment activities in Japan, and Recruit Global Incubation Partners oversees investments in other Asian markets.

Entrepreneurs looking to globalize not only can gain access to our powerful resources and capital in Japan, but also leverage our expertise to help them grow their business and technologies abroad in the Asian market.

About Recruit and Recruit Global Family (RGF)

Founded in 1960, Recruit started as an HR firm. Today, Recruit is not only the largest HR service provider but also a major vertical media company in Japan.

It operates 200 web portal sites focusing on an assortment of industries including, but not limited to: human resources, IT, real estate, automobiles, higher education, travel, bridal, and gourmet and beauty. These portal sites combine to serve over 280,000 client companies.

In 2009, Recruit's global brand, Recruit Global Family (RGF), was established to increase its brand awareness as well as to promote its business development activities in the global market.

Recruit is privately held and is composed of 109 consolidated companies with 160 offices and 19,300 employees located worldwide with $10.2 billion (¥806,661 Million Yen) in annual sales.

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